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  1. Response: The ‘Ideological War’ is a modern term referring to all the combined efforts that a particular nation uses in order to overpower another nation, or to have such an impact on it that it compels that nation to take on board a particular ideological stance and a specific approach to affairs.
  2. The Fight of Our Lives: Defeating the Ideological War Against the West is a hard-hitting feature length documentary that examines what the panel of expert political commentators see as threats to traditional western ways of thinking. Melanie Phillips states that there are Director: Gloria Z. Greenfield.
  3. Nov 05,  · The ideological wars are really a religious war. Intellectual terrorism has reaped more havoc on this land than ISIS ever will. Will the God of the Bible and the Principles that He declares rule on earth? Or will we give in to the “tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world.” Our generation will make the decision.
  4. “The Great Divide: Is America in the Midst of a Culture War?” is the second lecture in the Janus Forum Lecture Series, sponsored by the Political Theory Project. It was held in List Art Center.
  5. Pioneering the online publication of scholarship, the Ideologies of War website has attracted a world-wide audience—exploring the sources and meanings of collective forms of violence. The World Wide Web offers unprecedented opportunities to make significant writings available—overcoming the unfortunate yet all-too-common fate of papers.
  6. World War 2 was followed by the ideological conflict called the Cold War () wherein the US and its allies fought to contain the spread of communism, which was being inspired and funded by.
  7. Feb 07,  · The French revolution, the American revolution, the American civil war, the Vietnamese civil war, the Russian Revolution. Any time people are fighting over ideas instead of .

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