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  1. Define someday. someday synonyms, someday pronunciation, someday translation, English dictionary definition of someday. adv. At an indefinite time in the future. Usage Note: The adverbs someday and sometime express future time indefinitely: We'll succeed someday.
  2. someday definition: 1. at some time in the future that is not yet known or not stated: 2. at some time in the future. Learn more.
  3. Someday, someday Submit Corrections. Thanks to Gina Natasya for correcting these lyrics. Writer(s): Volante Nyoy "Someday" is the album's second single off of her fourth album. The song was released in November Originally, her boyfriend at the time wrote and composed it to include it on one of his albums. Later, he recorded his version of.
  4. Someday This could be, this could be ordinary Someday Could we be something extraordinary? You and me side by side Out in the broad daylight If they laugh, we'll say We're gonna be someday We're gonna be someday Someday, someday We're gonna be someday We're gonna be someday Girl, you look delicious Oh, I mean gorgeous Well, now you're getting.
  5. Special at-home performance of "Someday" from Zombies! 🎤Performed by Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim 🎬 Watch more Disney Sing-Along music videos here: https.

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